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Omni Cart Golf Push Cart
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Omni Cart

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Our lightweight detachable cart custom made for Club Booster V2.

Omni Cart is a great solution if you don't already have a push cart or if you're looking to upgrade your existing push cart.

One of the benefits of using Omni Cart with the Club Booster V2 is that it comes with pre-installed brackets and requires zero assembly

   - Includes Free Umbrella Holder and Drink Holder.

   - Easily lock the front wheel from the handle bar. 

   - Lightweight with a one-click folding system. 

   - Aircraft-grade aluminum with extremely durable components.

Premium components

Club Booster V2's body is made of aircraft grade extruded aluminum — making Club Booster V2 impressively durable, long-lasting and strong. 

Each wheel is constructed from wear resistant polyurethane, letting them roll over virtually anything without worry or damage. Rocks, sand, asphalt and more, Club Booster V2 will tread over any terrain without complaint or trouble.