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Why use the Alphard Remote Controlled Electric Golf Trolley

Walking is the healthiest way to play Golf and the best way to improve your Golf Management.

The Alphard Golf Trolley helps you appreciate how much energy you waste carrying or pushing a heavy trolley.

A set of clubs, extra clothing, beverages, snacks, accessories and a phone is a substantial 30kgs load to carry and a waste of energy.

To be longer, straighter and more consistent you need to conserve your energy to hit the right shots every hole, every time.

No matter what your handicap is today, tomorrow it will be better with the Alphard Remotely Controlled Electric Golf Trolley.

Alphard Electric Golf Trolley

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About the Alphard Club Booster V2

The innovative technological features of the Alphard Club Booster V2 will improve the quality of a round of golf.

Constructed from aircraft grade extruded aluminum, they are strong and lightweight and perfect for an electric golf trolley.

They are sustainable, durable, weatherproof and resistant to corrosion and will not degrade.

The fully integrated 6-axis gyroscope detects and reacts to every change in the terrain preventing any loss of balance.

The Powerful Brushless Motor and the Perfectly Balanced Trolley will tackle any terrain.

Thus ensuring the Trolley maintains the correct speed whilst negotiating an undulating path, or going uphill or downhill.


Remote Controlled Electric Golf Trolley

With the advanced Remote-Control Capabilities you will experience the ‘hands-free’ convenience moving your golf trolley around the course.

The 6 Axis Gyroscope anti-deviation technology keeps the electric cart on course regardless of the terrain, and should the trolley encounter an object, divot, or any obstacle to knock it off course, the gyroscope will automatically return it to the correct direction.

A 5,200mAh Lithium-ion Battery is easy to remove and when fully charged it will last 27-36 holes. It is equipped with an overcurrent, over-heat, overcharge and discharge protection safety circuit.

The Powerful and Super Quiet Gearless and Brushless Hub Motor delivers a new level of Performance and Energy Saving Efficiency.


Remote Controller, Tethered, or APP

An Encrypted Electronic Remote Control uniquely controls your Golf Trolley.

The Alphard Remote Control Handset is easy to use and fully rechargeable.

The TFS Tether Follow Sensor system is attached to your belt with a magnetic clip from the trolley for your trolley to follow you.

There is an APP for controlling the Golf Trolley from Android and Apple Phones.


Auto Brake, Auto Balancing, Auto Slope Controls

The Anti Tilt Stabilising Wheels with Rubber Tyres will grip any terrain and maintain the stability of the trolley.

The Remote Control Functions control forward drive, reverse, speed and steering and there is also an automatic downhill function which acts just like EBS to control your descent.

An electronic parking brake and fitted stabilisers ensure the Alphard Trolley remains safe and secure when parked on an incline.

The Alphard Golf Trolley has a free wheeling option to push the cart and will fold down for compact storage and easy transit.

Convert your existing trolley

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Customer Reviews

Steve S.
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So far after 2 rounds I love this addition. Well worth the money to convert your push cart to electric. Makes walking so much easier and more enjoyable. It’s already becoming second nature to control the cart without really thinking.
Chris C.
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Easy to use, much less stress on the body when I use the V2. With this cart, I feel as if I could go 36 walking, not just dragging as I come to the 18th tee.
Andy R.
Read More
So MUCH FUN! Love to walk my local golf course but the back 9 is really hilly. 14th could be a beginner ski slope. I am no longer tired after 18 holes. V2 has enough charge to play another 18.
Jeff S.
Read More
An incredibly smart design. Easier to control than I ever thought imaginable. The remote system makes golf that much more pleasurable. It’s so easy to use!
Rodolfo S.
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I looked at different motorized golf carts and since I can convert my existing clicgear into one and not getting another cart and worry about space, I chose the V2. I’ve put two 18 rounds already and no issues and lots of fun and yes, it does improved my game as it gave me lots of remaining energy to finish as no more pushing or pulling my old cart. Best thing I ever did for my game and my buddies are envious and looking to buy as well.
Richard E.
Read More
I’ve used this twice and it works really good! I prefer to walk but even pushing the clubs costs me strokes on the back nine. I’ve almost won enough money in my last two rounds to pay for it. This thing follows the age old caddy rule too; show up, shut up & keep up! Love it!
Maria L.
Read More
I used my new V2 booster today for the first time and it was great! Works as promised and easy to assemble. I bought the ClicGear conversion kit and it fits perfectly. Manages the hills nicely. This V2booster makes a huge difference when walking 18 holes.