Installing the Brackets

Brackets are specific to a cart brand and model(s). Please be sure the brand and model(s) listed on the box matches the brand and model of your cart. If they do not match, contact your retailer to exchange to the correct brand and model.

Tools Needed

  • Philips Screwdriver,
  • Open-end, Adjustable, or Socket Wrench for: Wheel Nut, Strut Pivot Nut and Bracket Nut

Installing the Brackets

Step 1 - Remove the Rear Wheels. If your push cart has a rear wheel braking mechanism, you will need remove it first.
Step 2 - Remove the Wheel Pivots on both sides.
Step 3 - Slide the Bracket (Left or Right) onto its corresponding Strut Tube (opening of Axel Clamp should be facing away from cart) and align

the holes and fasten them with the Bolt and Nut with Washer.

Video instructions for installing:

Clicgear 3 wheel cart

Rovic RV1S/RV1C

Sun Mountain Speed Cart

Sun Mountain Micro Cart

Bagboy Quad and Compact 3

Bagboy Tri-Swivel

Caddytek and Tourtrek


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